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Create your very own Mood Board

The Maja Design challenge for January is all about Mood Boards. This time you are going to create your own Mood Board and share what inspires YOU. I know this is a bit last minute, but there’s still time. The deadline is January 28th. And here’s my own Mood Board. 

I chose to create a 12×12 canvas, using my favourite colours and what inspires me. I really love to work with canvases and they do inspire me so I thought it was pretty clear what I was going to use. Second. I had an extremely hard time picking papers (all Maja papers are my favourites) that would represent me and what I get inspired of. I’m a paper maniac and papers really get me going, but I tried to use colours that reflects me as a person. Blue, green, beige and brown.mb2bSo here we go. This is my favourite paper. Ha ha. Honestly. I think I must have used at least 20 of these from the Fika collection. I love shabby chic Prima resins, as well as specific moments in life. That white flower is my all time Prima favourite, love the shape and the texture. It even has dots! The Mini Sachet roses are also favourites of mine and really get me inspired. That green lace really get me going too.

I get very inspired by all beautiful cards I see online. Die cuts are also quite inspiring, such as beautiful things in general. That blue background paper is another favourite that I have used tons of.
mb2d_Beautiful pastries inspires me. I also find inspiration in pretty borders and above all creative decorations like this little bobin. I love roses and have every colour imaginable.
mb2eCoffee, coffee, coffee… Can there be life without it? Well, not if you ask me. :) I do get inspired by visiting coffee shops and smell every special flavour they have. Then I get home with bags of coffee beans and my wallet slightly lighter.

I love music, so that is inspiring me too. Lace really gets me going and I think I must have jumped up and down when I found this beauty at ICA of all the places just before Christmas. I also love to use metal on my creations. Here on one of my other Prima favourite flowers. mb4a

Fabric inspires me a lot. I can spend countless hours at Stoff och Stil. I have a thing for black tulle. I love the unexpected, so here it is combined with rough jute. The checked fabric above is another highly inspirational piece of fabric I found at Stoff och Stil. Here I’ve painted it and sprayed it with gold Color Shine by Heidi Swapp. Whenever my mojo’s gone out the window I can always ease it up by bringing out paints and spray mists. It always gets me in the right mood again. The Color Shine is really an icebreaker for me. I think it’s great.

I find inspiration in all sorts of junk, here represented by a bottle cap. Tissue tape and bling also get me going.

Being born on the countryside, nature is a huge inspiration to me. mb_centreLove and above all Joel is of course inspirational ponds. So is our adventures that has taken us over the globe through the years.mb4More bling, more metal. That daisy paper is to die for, pure love. I want to create cards every time I see it.

I have created a little tag pad with quotes… The birdcage is a mirror. It’s about challenging yourself and how I work in general. So when I look at the tag pad I see myself and the quotes that represents me. I’m basically a doer and not much of a dreamer. I’m not going to show you all the quotes this time but here are a few examples.mb_tag1 mb_tagmb3aLike I said, paints, mists and textures gets me going. Here in combo with a beautiful painted chippie chandelier. I’ve also used some Inka Gold wax on it. The little heart decoration represents all those shabby beautiful things I like. Pearls, pearls and pearls. Yes, I do use it pretty much everywhere so I thought it would look weird if they were not here. mb3bI felt very early that no matter what I did I never quite fit in… It took me many years to figure out that I might as well do whatever I want since I will never fit in anyways. So these days I have absolutely no desire what so ever to be like everybody else. On the contrary…

On the backside I have written down my favourite poem by August Strindberg. It’s about how it is to turn yourself inside out as an artist. I am not going to ruin it by making a poor translation of it, I’ll just write it down for those of you who understands Swedish to enjoy…

Vid avenue de Neuilly
där ligger ett slakteri,
och när jag går till staden,
jag går där alltid förbi.

Det stora öppna fönstret
det lyser av blod så rött,
på vita marmorskivor
där ryker nyslaktat kött.

I dag där hängde på glasdörrn
ett hjärta, jag tror av kalv,
som svept i gauffrerat papper
jag tyckte i kölden skalv.

Då gingo hastiga tankar
till gamla Norrbro-Bazarn,
där lysande fönsterraden
beskådas av kvinnor och barn.

Där hänger på boklådsfönstret
en tunnklädd liten bok.
Det är ett urtaget hjärta
som dinglar där på sin krok.

So please try to create your very own Mood Board. You can find everything you need hereJenny

When I look myself in the mirror…

So I quit my job this week… After nearly ten years of consulting for KnowIT I felt it was time for me to move on. It’s a very good company to work at, but I’ve been thinking about this for years, so it wasn’t like it was lightning from blue skies. I am not quite sure that I know what future brings, except for my MajaDesign position. But I feel free and able to do whatever I want and that is a wonderful feeling.

I have done some serious thinking the past year. Maybe too much thinking to be honest. I don’t want any regrets. I don’t want to wake up when I’m 70 wondering why I didn’t jump. Why I didn’t take the chance while I had it. I’ve been thinking a lot like that ever since I graduated. That’s why I got rid of the TV (do you want to tell your grandkids that you watched TV all your life or that you did something creative with your time?) and travelled so much.

I want to be proud of the life I lead. It doesn’t have to be glamorous or anything. But I want to be a good role model for Joel and I want my family to be proud of who I am. I created this canvas during one of my serious thinking moments. It’s about what you see when you look yourself in the mirror and being able to like what’s looking back at you.
mirrorI have used the Coffee In The Arbour collection for this canvas (6×6). The Prima frame has a real mirror and you can fold it down so you can read some thoughts that I have written inside. mirror2Jenny

Classes with Elena Olinevich

Good morning folks! In late August I had the privilege of meeting our own Elena Olinevich. We had so much fun. We had dinner with Marie, swam in papers in our warehouse, had some sightseeing and. Elena held classes and I attended two of them. Her classes are so personal, often with smaller groups to get the intimate feeling and be able to help everybody out.

So I thought I’d share the creations I made during her classes. elena3The first class I took was a canvas class where Elena taught different mixed media techniques. elena4We used the romantic Crea Diem collection in combination with Prima embellishments and different mediums.
elena2Here’s a final close up where you can see the background work.CanvasClassAnd here’s the class I took…

The next class Elena was holding was my favourite. We all got to choose whatever papers we wanted to use. Since there are so many Maja collections we all came up with papers from different collections. I don’t think I saw anyone picking the same papers, so all the albums were so different from each other. We also got embellishments depending on what papers we had chosen. I chose to use papers from the Life In The Country and Life By The Sea collections.
1_We used a lot of acryllics for the mini-album. I really loved that. They became new favourites of mine. 2Try to repeat that if you can. 😉3We used lots of different dies and mediums…
5Elena really showed us the use of acryllic albums and embellishments.6Elena uses the acryllic sheets to make the album see through. Since I love to follow my albums from page to page I think this is a fantastic way to make it more visible.
7And here you can see though the next page to see the previous one.

And here’s the page you saw through the acryllic before.9I really love this face…
And finally. Joel with his beloved IKEA jars…

This album was made during this class.VintageSummerMiniAlbumClassJenny

Spring canvas

I guess I’m a bit different then most people in this part of the world. While all others are outdoors 24/7 as soon as the sun is starting to shine I get creative. There’s something with the Nordic light that makes me create the most during spring and summer while all others create during the dark seasons. That doesn’t mean that I stay indoors all summer, but I truely love to create when I get all the natural light in my scraphouse.

I ordered a lot with Claudine Hellmuth acryllic paint last year. Ever since I saw the Landscape Green colour I just knew I had to paint a canvas with it and use my Scrap Cake Spring Time Awakening scraps with it. So here is how it turned out.

Here you can see the green paint that goes along so well with that collection. The chipboard has been painted with Gesso, then painted with two different Glimmer Glams. I added some glitter to it before the Glam dried so it got stuck. I just love that huge white rose from Wild Orchid Crafts.

I’ve used a lot of dimension on this canvas. The squeezed pink flowers are one of my first scrapbooking purchases years ago. You never know when stuff comes useful… I have used two different sprays with two different sizes of pearls to make them come alive. The entire canvas has been covered with Mod Podge and parts of it sprayed with Smooch Spritz. That explains the shining…

I am so honoured to have Rachelle Sigurdson on our Maja Design Creative Team. She is so talented and everything she touches turns into gold. She made a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous flower pots. I didn’t use it in the end, but the idea is definitely 100% hers.

Pearls, pearls, pearls. Yes, my creations tend to have a lot of pearls on them. So is this one…

I just love Karola Witczak’s graphical designs. They truely invite you to play along and so I did. The white frame is another finding from a drawer with stuff that was nearly forgotten. The Websters Pages butterfly comes from another.

The last circle in the bottom left corner…

Just another angle of the flower pots.

Supplies used:
Paper stuff and it’s cuttings…
Scraps from the Scrap Cake Spring Awakening collection
Spellbinders Nestabilities Scalloped Circles

Glues, paints, sprays etc
Claudine Hellmuth (Ranger) Acryllic Paint Landscape Green
Claudine Hellmuth (Ranger) White Gesso
Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Private Meadow
Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Tutu Pink
Smooch Spritz Vanilla
Mod Podge
Pearl Maker White
Crackle Paint Milled Lavendar

Flowers by Wild Orchid Crafts and Magnolia
Chipboard corner by Dusty Attic
Martha Stewart Glitter Kunzite
White pearl spray by Wild Orchid Crafts
Pink pearl spray from Pysseltagen
Lace stolen from my mom
Clock Face by Prima
Butterfly by Websters Pages
White metal frame and corner from LSS

A rooster symphony

The problem with having your training equipment in the same place as your scrap things is this…

I was sitting on my stationary bike when I saw a rooster on a Prima paper on my desk. Two seconds later I was standing with black paint, painting a canvas. I don’t know why I always get inspired when I work out. Maybe because I want a possibility to sneak out? LOL. I sprayed it with different Glimmer Mists and then it went silent on my table again. A month later I spotted it when I was going to make a complete different creation and finished this one instead.

Layers and layers…

Even more layers. I love to use the Prima letters as decorations here and there. Sometimes painted, somtimes not. I read on Tim Holtz’s blog that the small hitch fasteners are actually coming back in production this spring! Yeah! I truely love them so that was good news.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! 

Supplies used:
For the background…
6×6 canvas
Black gesso
Die cut paper by Basic Grey for masking 
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists 

  • Afraid Of The Dark
  • Candy Corn
  • Harvest Orange
  • True Blood

Trim by Webster’s Pages
Glitter by Martha Stewart
Chipboard by Panduro
Flowers from Prima Printery and Pixie Glen collections
Buttons by Bag Full O’ Buttons
Letters from Prima Printery collection
Rooster and piano cut out from Prima Almanac collection
Metal star by Bo Bunny
Tim Holtz Idea-ology collection

  • Clock Face
  • Metal Foliage
  • Hitch Fasteners
  • Locket Keys
  • Sprocket Gears
  • Corked Vials

Scraptastic… or did you really think you had it all???

Ok, so this will be a looooong posting. So you have been warned. :)

I spent last weekend in Gent, Belgium, attending the Scraptastic event. I’ve been contacted by many people who wanted me to share my thoughts of the event and show as much as possible from it. So here’s my litttle story.

I had some really inspiring classes and met a lot of wonderful people. Some of you might remember that I was going on my own. The closer the event came the better that felt. It’s always easier to get to know new people when you are traveling alone. Of course I was looking forward to six spectacular classes, but I also wanted to get to know some new friends.

I went to the airport on Thursday evening and took a flight to Brussels. From there I took a train to Gent and arrived late that evening. Since the Flanders Expo is in the middle of nowhere there was nowhere to eat except for the (really expensive) hotel. So I ate my panini with a huge portion of devotion and went to bed.

Since the first classes started at 9 AM I was convinced the shop area was opened as well. My mistake (and I wasn’t alone). It didn’t open until 10, but the only information I could find on the blog about the opening hours was in Dutch, so no wonder I missed it. I came back later and strolled around the stores for an hour. They weren’t that many so it went rather quick and surprise surprise. My scrapbooking purchases ended up with 59 Euros in total. I made up for that later at the airport. He he.

Luckily there was an IKEA department store just across the road so I went there for some lunch. Not what I had expected, but I didn’t want to spend 30-40 Euros on every meal I ate and that was my only option.

My first class, Mixed Media Journal, started at 12.30 with Sharon Laakkonen. I love Sharon’s style, I even have the same dress she wore during class! This class fitted me perfectly and I loved every minute of it.

I came in rather late and took a seat in the back. A couple of minutes later another girl, Katja, shows up and asks if the seat next to me is taken. Next thing I knew we were babbling away, probably disturbing everybody else. Sorry if you were in my class and read this. :) It turned out she was Swedish too. There was supposed to be four more of us, so it was kind of funny that she ended up next to me out of 200 people.

Katja’s playing around with Pan Pastels. One of many things I found out this weekend that I can’t live without. When you really think you have “everything” you are constantly reminded of what you don’t have. Well. Let’s put it this way. There will be no trouble finding Christmas presents for me this year. That list is LONG after Scraptastic.

We made a book out of a mixed media kit by Prima. Here’s how my book turned out…

I just love the package we got for this class.

First spread has been made with Pan Pastels (so has the resist cover) and texture paste.

Second spread made with Heidi Swapps new Color Shine sprays. Another must have. Since I don’t have any spray paints back home. Hmmm… I can feel my nose growing an inch or two.

This one has also been made with Pan Pastels…

And this one with water colours…

The backside of the book.

Me and Sharon…

I haven’t taken that many photos since my camera was on during the entire flight and ran out of battery. I had left my charger back home since I usually charge it twice a year. So I’ve had to be really quick with my camera or let someone else take the photo so I’ve been collecting photos this week.

My next class was with Iris Babao Uy. It’s called Dreaming In Watercolor. We made a canvas and was supposed to make a layout as well, but I never got that far so I finished it back home. Iris was a real sweetie. Really caring and helpful.

So here’s the canvas I made…

And the layout. The backgrounds have been made with Distress Stains.

Me and Katja met up with two really sweet Germans and had dinner at…. IKEA. Surprise. 😉 All three of them spoke in German, I spoke English. I studied German at school years ago so I understood what they were saying, but I preferred not to speak it myself.

I got a horrible migraine in the evening so when I was taking Finnabair’s class Industrial Baroque I was really perplexed. That was one of the highlights that I had looked forward to SO much, so it was a bit disappointing. I don’t remember much of the class at all, my head was really at a different planet. My layout turned out as expected, not that good. I managed to finish the class, but was the first one to leave. I do have a memory of Finn as a person with a fantastic personality and energy. She was a lot of fun and even though I wasn’t feeling well I’m honoured to have met her.

And here’s how the layout turned out…

Saturday morning I wasn’t feeling very well so I rested at the hotel. I stopped by the event to do some make and takes, but they weren’t as good as I hoped for so I left pretty quickly. I was having another class with Iris, Palette Of Memories, in the afternoon and that went better then Finn’s.

And of course I found some neat stuff amongst Iris’s supplies as well that I just NEED to have. :)

Me and Iris. It was quite funny. I don’t know if it’s because Iris is very short or me being extremely tall, but she looked like a dwarf next to me. So I’m standing on my knees for this photo, but she’s still shorter then me!
And here’s the palette I made.

In the evening there was a crop party and then I had my first class with Donna Downey, Vintage Chic. Poor Donna. Me and Katja babbling away in the back as usual. We must have disturbed everyone at every class we had in common and those were a few. A Brazilian girl thought we were sisters, not that many people believed us when we told them we had just met. :)

This time we really had the time of our lives. The book pages we were about to use for our album were more or less soft-core porn! Donna kept telling us we shouldn’t read it, but we were laughing like crazy about all the delicate details. It wasn’t very easy to use the text without showing what it actually said. When I came to my last page I had it. The only thing I had was a chapter about group sex and it would be clearly readable. So I asked for some new pages.
So here’s what my Paris album looked like in the end…

I’ve always been a romantic fool. I think I was eight years old when I decided that I wanted long curly hair and a huge dress on my wedding day, which I had. 😉 I also wanted my honeymoon to go to Paris, but hubby wanted to go to Africa instead and so we did. I had been avoiding Paris for years so I could go there on my honeymoon. When we celebrated our 6th anniversary this summer he took me to Paris so I got to see it anyway. But life never turns out the way you plan, does it?

First spread.

Second spread.

Third spread.

And the last one. Without the group sex page. 😉

I also got to take some photos during the Saturday.

Me, Finn and Iris.

And then Gerry (Van Gent) came running from the make and take table to join us.

I only had one class in the afternoon on Sunday, so I took a walk in to Gent and back in the morning. It was really nice weather and it was nice to get out for a change. The last class was another Donna Downey class, Inspirational Journal. When I booked it I got the last seat out of 40. Now we were only 14! Don’t know what happened to the other 26, but they sure weren’t there. I must say that this class was the only one I didn’t like. It really wasn’t my thing. Too much kindergarten for me. But at least I tried it and now I know. :)

We basically made a journal with different technique tests. I’m not showing them all, since most of them are not that fun to look at. But here are a few of those I made…

Donna was actually the one who drew this tulip. Nice isn’t it?

Some stamped poppies on canvas…

And some more flowers stamped on cardstock.

Me and Donna…

Our little gang of four had dinner on Sunday night, discussing how we were going to get our hands on all that stuff we now needed. Spread out all over the world, some of it quite hard to find.

I also think the word reispuffen will forever be in our memories and spread a smile on our faces. :)

The hotel receptionist took some photos of us. From the left Sandra, Katja, me and Kerstin. Thanks girls for a great weekend and don’t forget to stop by their blogs.

We had breakfast together the following morning before parting. Katja went straight to the airport, Sandra and Kerstin had a six hour drive back home. I took the train to Brugge and spent a wonderful day there. 

So my conclusion from this event… It was worth every single Euro. The classes were great, the hotel was good, it was very easy to get from the airport to the Expo.  The tables were really spacious (compared to what we usually get in Sweden) and everybody were so kind.

On the downside… Well. The goodie bag consisted of ONE pen. The crop party was so so and the lack of nearby restaurants wasn’t so funny.

However. I still think the positives really surpasses the negatives and I would definitely consider going again.

Thanks for stopping by. If you want any details about the stuff I made, please don’t hesitate to ask. I left out the details since this posting is long enough as it is.

Hope to see you in Gent next year and don’t forget about my giveaway that’s still on!

Seven miles bridge

I took this photo of the seven miles bridge while we were in Florida last month.

I used a 12×12 canvas that I misted heavily… I started out with Glimmer Mist Walnut Gold and home made Perfect Pearls mist. I used a Mini mister and Perfect Pearls copper mixed with water. It doesn’t show on photo, but the copper mixture really brought something extra to the background. It’s really shiny.

I added Glimmer Mist Patina and Juneberry Wine. I ended up with Glimmer Mist Suede along the edges.

I used a text stamp (designed it myself) and stamped with Archival Ink Jet Black. After it dried I applied Glimmer Glam Hayride over the text.

Ornate plate by Tim Holtz. The text background has been sprayed with Glimmer Mist Bahama Blue.

The lace has been misted with Glimmer Mist Afraid Of The Dark (my new favourite), Patina, Bahama Blue, Suede and Walnut Gold.

The tag is a mistable tag from Pink Paislee that I have misted with Glimmer Mist Afraid Of The Dark and Patina. All flowers and bling from Prima. Filmstrip by Tim Holtz, trinket suitcase by Bo Bunny (Weekend Market collection). The overlays were a gift from my friend Angela.

I found this cute little boat in a LSS. Thought it appropriate. :) Rose by Prima.

Age is nothing but a number

Getting older is not always fun. My sister is about to turn 40 and I know that she really likes my National Theatre canvas, so I made this one for her…

The canvas is 12×12. The smallest and the largest doilies has been sprayed with Glimmer Mist Chalkboard Chalk. The one in between has been sprayed with Glimmer Mist Granite.

I just love these ornate plates by Tim Holtz. They are so detailed and well made. The patterned paper is a Maja Design Crea Diem scrap. Sticker letters from Mrs Grossman.

The large white wheel was in my dt package from Country Scrap. It has been painted with Crackle Paint Picket Fence. I added a Tim Holtz sprocket gear to it. The clock face and the metal corners are by Tim Holtz as well.

The Prima flower has been sprayed with Smooch Spritz Vanilla.

The vial (by Tim Holtz) contains a piece of the same scrap from Maja Design Crea Diem. The flower is from Prima as well and has also been sprayed with Smooch Spritz Vanilla.

The white ribbon is from Prima, the broad silver ribbon was a gift from my sweet mil.

The dusty attic chipboard has been embossed with Distress Embossing Powder Walnut Stain.

Favourites from 2011- the other stuff…

So… We’ve come to the good stuff! As a lot of you know I like to alter and try out a lot of techniques. I have tried so hard not to pick too many favourites, but this time I’m going to fail big time.


This must be the most fun I had regarding crafts during 2011. It was a pure joy to make.

Chocolate box

DT work for The Flying Unicorn. I really like how this one turned out.

What’s important to me

When life is a mess you really need to step back and think about what really matters to you. This tag pad is a way of reminding myself of what matters most to me.

Fairytale castle

I made this castle for my niece Josefine. Just had to try this one out. :)

National theatre canvas.

This was my very first canvas and I had so much fun making it.

DVD shelf

I made this shelf for my film loving hubby so he can display what movie he will be watching.

BIA christmas star

Another experiment that turned out quite nice.


Flag set for my BFF Angela.

Configuration box divided in two:

The first one

The second one

I thought it was a good idea to divide the box in two to make the fun last longer…

Canvas 6×6

So I’ve been working on this canvas for some time now… I am really slow when it comes to messy stuff.

I used a Glimmer Screen from Tattered Angels to create the background (Garden Lattice). I sprayed it with Smooch Spritz River Mossy, Glimmer Mist Chalkboard Chalk, Glimmer Mist Bahama Blue, Juneberry Wine and Granite.

The text is a Tim Holtz stamp, “In dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own”. The background is misted with Glimmer Mist Bahama Blue, Juneberry Wine, Granite and Tattered Leather. It has also been distressed with the new Distress Ink Seedless Preserves.

All flowers and bling from Prima, the metal flowercentre is from Tim Holtz as well. The green flowers have been misted with Glimmer Mist Bahama Blue.

The doily has been misted with Smooch Spritz River Mossy and Glimmer Mist Granite. The linen cloth has been misted with Gimmer Mist Juneberry Wine, Haunted Shadows, Granite, Bahama Blue and Smooch Spritz River Mossy. The feathers have been misted with Glimmer Mist Juneberry Wine and Bahama Blue.

The bird is a stamp from Tim Holtz, chipboard from Imaginarium (misted with Glimmer Mist Granite and Juneberry Wine).

Our mailman came to deliver a package for me yesterday afternoon. He looked at me, kind of suspicious. I just thought “what’s his problem” and went inside. Then I realized that I had purple Glimmer Mist in my hair, red Stickles in my face, my left palm was pitch black after stamping myself in it, the other hand was blue/black from all the misting. And on top of my hands I had yellow, white, purple and green acryllic paint. I still have no idea what he was starring at. 😉