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Favourites from 2014-cards

My card year started out very uninspired. To be honest-the cards were not any good at all. But then I started decorating the inside of the cards again and it got me in the right spirit. I think the second half of the year became rather good. So here’s what my favourites looks like.kaffeDo you want some coffee or not?
I never get sick of the Fika collection. I must have used it a dozen times by now. This card was created for a friend who always says that he should come by for a coffee but never does. So this was a gentle reminder. :) You can see the inside on the blog post.

angelaWedding card
One of my best friends in the US got married this summer. I created this card for them, but unfortunately it never made it during the postage. Such a shame. :( Click the link to see the decorated inside. tackThank you card
We have a couple of storing shelves in a dark corner of our Maja office. There you can find real treats like old collections that are no longer being sold. One of my early favourites were the Mina Vänner collection that came in four different colours. These papers came from Paula.

elenaFor a very special friend
A dear friend of mine showed up and I created this card for her, together with a mini-album. I kind of liked how it turned out. joelJoel’s birthday card
My little baby turned one in October. How about that. He got his own card with his very own mirror.

Next time I will share my favourite mini-albums and altered items from 2014.

Until then!

Favourites from 2014-layouts

Another year has passed and it’s time for me to present some of my favourites from 2014. As usual I divide them into three different categories… Layouts, cards and then all the other projects. So here are my five favourite layouts from 2014…baby_boyj

Baby boy
Joel was very sick during his first months. We spent countless hours in hospital and he was just fading away. He was so thin I could barely touch him, feeling every bone in his tiny body. Still he remained so happy and continued smiling. This photo was shot when he was at his worst, still so brave and strong.

I used the wonderful blue colours of Vintage Spring Basics and really liked working on this layout. It kind of created itself. I used this layout to present him on the Maja blog as the new crew member.parisFrom Paris with love

The Nyhavn collection was recently released and I fell in love with all the strong colours at once. (More creations of mine are coming up regarding Nyhavn.) Still it remains vintage and romantic. And what could be more romantic then a trip to Paris. I shot this photo in Montmartre when we celebrated our anniversary there a couple of years ago.

I used my favourite flowers and embellies and I like that the warmth of the hot summerday shines through.

Who can sail without the wind

This layout was created for the March Mood Board at Maja. Marie had chosen the ultradepressing song Who Can Sail Without The Wind for the Mood Board and I guess it kind of freaked some of the girls out when they got the text translated. Ha ha! But I hope I nailed it with this layout. Beautiful, but thoughtful…

If I had to pick one favourite from 2014, this one would be it. I loved to work with the PanPastels on the background, all the stamps and details. I shot this photo by the castle of Läckö three years ago. I wasn’t really in the mood that day and thought that the trip would cheer me up. It didn’t. But I had a really good creative flow when I did this layout years later on and it felt pretty much like therapy.

mycupofteaMy cup of tea
Ok, so this layout probably share the first place among my favs. I’m a blue girl and I jumped up and down when Coffee In The Arbour was released. It fitted me perfectly. Suddenly there were cupcakes all over the house and I drank even more coffee, like that would be possible. This layout was also very easily made. The creative flow was so good and I think I pretty much did the whole thing in an hour or two.

I had the honour of meeting my lovely scrap friend Elena Olinevich in August. When she returned home she created the most fantastic layout inspired by my white house and Joel. I just loved that one the minute she showed it to me. I didn’t even know she was inspired by my house, but maybe that’s why I loved it so much. :)

Anyways. She got me inspired to do something similar and this is what I came up with.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. Next time I will show you my 2014 card favourites. I think I had a pretty good card year so it will not be easy to pick favourites this time.

Until then!Jenny

A day in life

I made a trip to Gent a couple of years ago to attend the Scraptastic event. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I met so many inspiring and wonderful friends along my way. After the event had finished I took the train to Brügge, a beautiful little town well worth the visit. adayin-lifeI wanted this layout to be very creative to reflect the journey. I stamped the background with Distress Ink Dried Marigold and Milled Lavendar, using stamps from TIm Holtz and Tattered Angels. I also sprayed it with Glimmer Mist Chalkboard. I added texture paste randomly. The blue texture has come to life with Shimmerz Texturez.adayin-life1The flower was created with a Tim Holtz/Sizzix die plus a roller stamp by Dear Lizzy.  I have used Archival Ink Blue Violet and Venetian Orange. Chipboard from Scrap FX, metal butterfly from LSS. adayin-life2Scrollwork die by Tim Holtz/Sizzix.  I used a doily as a mask for the white texture paste.  I also added Perfect Pearls to the texture paste.adayin-life3I stamped a swirl and colourized it randomly every here and there. Not so perfect, more like a drawing you usually do when talking to someone on the phone. That’s what I wanted it to feel like. adayin-life4Another close up. I really love the Nyhavn collection. I like it’s colours and the Old Townhouses paper is so lovely. It’s a shame it’s a limited one. But I guess the best are… :)Jenny


Winter layout

I really enjoy creating Christmas cards, but there’s something special with a winter layout filled with snow… winter_
My previous layout on the Maja blog was packed with flowers. This one hasn’t got any flowers at all. I have used one of my favourite papers from Vintage Frost Basics for the background.

I sprayed a Tattered Angels mask with Glimmer Mist Slate and used it as a stamp on the background. I added stains of Heidi Swapp Color Shine (Gold Lame and Tinsel). I added white gesso on the snow flake mask (also Tattered Angels) and used that as a stamp as well. I added Viva Decor gold wax here and there. I’ve used a Tim Holtz mask and Shimmerz Texturez (Gritty Graphite and Teal Me No Lies) as well as Mica Flakes from Golden. winter2The chipboards have been layered and sprayed with Glimmer  Mist Slate and Color shine Golden Lame. Padlock from Prima. I have added some snow paint on the chipboards as well. winter3A final close up… Jenny

When I look myself in the mirror…

So I quit my job this week… After nearly ten years of consulting for KnowIT I felt it was time for me to move on. It’s a very good company to work at, but I’ve been thinking about this for years, so it wasn’t like it was lightning from blue skies. I am not quite sure that I know what future brings, except for my MajaDesign position. But I feel free and able to do whatever I want and that is a wonderful feeling.

I have done some serious thinking the past year. Maybe too much thinking to be honest. I don’t want any regrets. I don’t want to wake up when I’m 70 wondering why I didn’t jump. Why I didn’t take the chance while I had it. I’ve been thinking a lot like that ever since I graduated. That’s why I got rid of the TV (do you want to tell your grandkids that you watched TV all your life or that you did something creative with your time?) and travelled so much.

I want to be proud of the life I lead. It doesn’t have to be glamorous or anything. But I want to be a good role model for Joel and I want my family to be proud of who I am. I created this canvas during one of my serious thinking moments. It’s about what you see when you look yourself in the mirror and being able to like what’s looking back at you.
mirrorI have used the Coffee In The Arbour collection for this canvas (6×6). The Prima frame has a real mirror and you can fold it down so you can read some thoughts that I have written inside. mirror2Jenny

From Paris with Love-Nyhavn

December on the Swedish west coast is always a story about rain and wind. How the wet cold finds it’s way through all the clothes you so carefully put on in the morning and makes you soaked before you cross the threshold to the office. It makes it very easy to let your thoughts wonder away to a sunny Paris.parisI have had the privilege to play with our new Nyhavn collection during the Lucia weekend. As always it’s a pure joy. Don’t miss the fact that it’s a limited one so when it’s gone it’s gone. And. You get a bonus sheet if you buy the collection pack. It is not sold as a single sheet so it’s an extra treat. paris_1

We went to Paris on our wedding anniversary a couple of years ago. It’s lovely to just stroll around Montmartre and soak the romantic atmosphere. I have used laces and tulle from a LSS and Michaels.

I love the modern, but still romantic feel of this collection. I had a really hard time to tear these lovely sheets apart this time. Our last limited collection Sofiero sold out so quickly so I never got the chanse to replace my favourite sheets. Wise from the lesson it feels like I need to open up a bottle of champagne and make it a ceremonious ritual for every single sheet that I use.paris_2Flowers by Prima, Michaels and Magnolia. Metal from Prima, bling from LSS and Michaels.paris_3Funny thing. I got this tulle a month ago thought the colour was lovely. And then Marie releases Nyhavn with the exact same colour. It’s not the first time. Our style is very similar. Resin from Prima.paris_4

The lovely chipboard is from ScrapFX and has been painted and inked with three different colours (Ingvild Bolme and Tim Holtz inks). Roses from Wild Orchid Crafts. Doily die by Prima.

I hope you got inspired by my first Nyhavn creation, it will definitely not be my last. I am completely in love with the Old Townhouses sheet and must use it asap… For this layout I have used the following sheets:

Old Townhouses
A Dockside In Bloom
Romantic Lunch
Strolling Along The Canal
Veteran Ships
Eating Out
Sitting At The DockJenny

New release

I’ve been cleaning my scraphouse all morning to make room for the new release from Maja. Nyhavn. Such beautiful colours are very much needed in this rainy period of the year.Nyhavn-PIt’s inspired by the heritage harbour in Copenhagen. I am completely in love with the three first papers to the left. This time you even get a bonus sheet if you buy the entire collection. Can’t wait to see what that is. But. You better be quick. This is a limited edition and will not reprint. Our latest limited collection Sofiero sold out in notime. So visit our store finder to find a store near you that carries it.