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Blue therapy part II

So here’s my second “blue therapy” project.byraI have used Pion Design’s Siri’s Kitchen to alter this mini chest by Kaisercraft. byra2I wanted to keep it clean since I will use this chest for my necklaces. The papers are so beautiful so they speak for themselves. Flowers and resin by Prima.byra3The lid…byra4And the inside…

I hope you got inspired!Jenny

How I store my distress products

My picture rails were so full I had to do something about it. I ordered three ink pad towers from Netherlands. Unfortunately not the best quality, but nothing that a little glue and spackling paste will not fix. I put all three towers together and painted it white. I used some walnut stain on it to get a more shabby look.

It holds all 36 colours. I keep my distress ink tag pad on top of it.

And now to the embarrassing part. I´ve got 25 ink blending tools. And yes. I use them all.

I drilled some holes in a leftover beam and put some blocks in each end of it. I´ve used tons of alcohol inks to colourize it. Don´t remember which ones I used. It´s five ft long, so I´ve got room for more tools.

I keep distress ink refillers, distress stains, distress stickles, distress crackle paint, distress embossing powders and tons of other stuff on my picture rails over my desk. Reachable and totally in view.

Card and envelope storage

As most of you are aware of I´m building myself a scraphouse which means that I´ll finally have some room for all my stuff. It´s getting worse by the minute, I really don´t know where to put everything. I can´t wait to finish it, but meanwhile I need to deal with the situation.

I´ve kept finished cards on display on some picture rails, but they are so full that they keep falling down. And let´s face it-not much of a display when you have layers of four. So last week I decided to do something about it and I created two holders. One for smaller cards (less then 6×6) and one for smaller envelopes.

I used some old cardboard to get them steady and painted them with some Weathered Wood Crackle Paint. I added Walnut Stain on the crackles and used some papers from the Ella Blue collection from GCD Studios.

They are made as stand alones, but I´ve also placed decorations so I can keep them together if I want to. I´ve used the Doily Lace punch from Martha Stewart for the lace and added Walnut Stain to it.

Paper flowers are from Magnolia and Prima. I´ve used Walnut Stain and Smooch Spritz Vanilla on them, great product that I´ve totally fallen in love with. If you haven´t tried the Smooch, do it.

The little roses also got some Smooch and Old Paper on them.

But hey, most of my cards are 6×6… What to do. I bought a huge piece of cardboard on a Swedish bookstore called Bokia last christmas. I haven´t used it yet, but it turned out to be perfect to make a huge cardstation. This one is in one big piece, so I can´t divide it.

I´ve got 6×6 cards in two compartments and two different sizes of envelopes in the other two. I can easily change the distribution since all compartments are approximately 6 3/4 or 17 centimetres. The entire station is 27″ or 69 centimetres.

I used the Ella Blue collection from GCD Studios on this one as well.

I think I might have overdone the flower cascade, maybe a bit to much for my taste. All flowers are from Prima, the bling swirls are from Zva Creative. I found the gorgeous lace in a shop called Marikas.

IKEA bathroom storage…

Hello ladies
First of all I want to thank you all for the great response I´ve had. I´m still pinching my arm. I´ve never started a blog just because I was convinced nobody would read it. Your sweet comments make me warm.

Today I´m going to reveal another little IKEA storage treat. How about having an entire cabinet filled up with pull-out trays that gives you a good overview of your supplies? “Yeah right”, you might be thinking.

Then I suggest you take a closer look at the ANORDNA series from IKEA. It´s made for bathrooms to keep your lipsticks (pens?), eye shadows (distress powders?) and other hygiene articles in place. They are fitting the LILLANGEN bathroom series, so you can basically buy a cabinet and fill it up with these beauties. Of course you can add shelves for your boxes, cuttlebug or other bulky items.

Take a look at this and think about it in the “scrapbooking way”:

See what I mean?
They come in different sizes and models, in sets of two or three. Here are some examples:

Have a great weekend!


Storing 12×12 papers…

Ladybing asked what I´m using to store 12×12 papers. Well. A lot. I have papers for two lifetimes. I promised myself not to buy any more and then I spotted the new Gabrielle series from BoBunny. Sigh… That one is fantastic, it truely reminds me of Gabrielle as it is named after her. I´m so happy for her, she is so talented.

Anyways. I use Cropper Hopper vertical solutions for cardstock and Glossy paper. I think it works well. I have one paper pouch for each colour and divide them up by light, medium and dark. I also keep my Core’dinations paper in them. You haven´t missed that Tim Holtz have joined them and are now releasing Core’dinations papers in the distress colours? Another reason to buy more papers…

I keep all my patterned paper in page protectors in KMA 3 ring albums. It gives me a very good view of the paper, especially when they are double-sided. They are divided by colour or collection. Whatever suits best. I have one separately for papers that I only use for cardmaking. I only store new papers that haven´t been used in these albums.

I also have a paper storage cube I bought at Michaels a couple of years ago:

In that I keep seasonal papers. Easter, christmas etc.

I might as well cover my paper scrap storage.
For larger scraps I use this Cropper Hopper organizer:

I accidently ordered three packages of these (also Cropper Hopper) last week, I will keep scraps in them:

I used to have smaller scraps in the Cropper Hopper organizer, but I found it difficult to reach the smaller scraps and they were often torn by the larger ones. So I bought this archive box with hanging folders (A4 size) at a store called Granit.

Storage tip- IKEA Helmer with Antonius inserts

As you probably know IKEA has got tons of products you can use for storage. I don´t know how many times I´ve visited that place and measured up all possible furniture I can think of. Anything might fit my scraproom to be. If anyone is wondering about inner measurements or some other measurement you can´t read in the catalogue or online, give me a comment. I might have it for you in my notes.

One of my absolute best storage solutions I´ve got is the HELMER drawer units. I´m embarrassed to say it, I´ve got EIGHT drawer units. But. That gives me 48 drawers that I can label so I can easily find everything.

What many people don´t know is that the Antonius basket insert, intended for laundry rooms, fits the Helmer drawers.

Here are a few examples of my drawers with inserts:

Four drawer units together. Doesn´t look bad either.