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The Maja Design challenge for January is all about Mood Boards. This time you are going to create your own Mood Board and share what inspires YOU. I know this is a bit last minute, but there’s still time. The deadline is January 28th. And here’s my own Mood Board. 

I chose to create a 12×12 canvas, using my favourite colours and what inspires me. I really love to work with canvases and they do inspire me so I thought it was pretty clear what I was going to use. Second. I had an extremely hard time picking papers (all Maja papers are my favourites) that would represent me and what I get inspired of. I’m a paper maniac and papers really get me going, but I tried to use colours that reflects me as a person. Blue, green, beige and brown.mb2bSo here we go. This is my favourite paper. Ha ha. Honestly. I think I must have used at least 20 of these from the Fika collection. I love shabby chic Prima resins, as well as specific moments in life. That white flower is my all time Prima favourite, love the shape and the texture. It even has dots! The Mini Sachet roses are also favourites of mine and really get me inspired. That green lace really get me going too.

I get very inspired by all beautiful cards I see online. Die cuts are also quite inspiring, such as beautiful things in general. That blue background paper is another favourite that I have used tons of.
mb2d_Beautiful pastries inspires me. I also find inspiration in pretty borders and above all creative decorations like this little bobin. I love roses and have every colour imaginable.
mb2eCoffee, coffee, coffee… Can there be life without it? Well, not if you ask me. :) I do get inspired by visiting coffee shops and smell every special flavour they have. Then I get home with bags of coffee beans and my wallet slightly lighter.

I love music, so that is inspiring me too. Lace really gets me going and I think I must have jumped up and down when I found this beauty at ICA of all the places just before Christmas. I also love to use metal on my creations. Here on one of my other Prima favourite flowers. mb4a

Fabric inspires me a lot. I can spend countless hours at Stoff och Stil. I have a thing for black tulle. I love the unexpected, so here it is combined with rough jute. The checked fabric above is another highly inspirational piece of fabric I found at Stoff och Stil. Here I’ve painted it and sprayed it with gold Color Shine by Heidi Swapp. Whenever my mojo’s gone out the window I can always ease it up by bringing out paints and spray mists. It always gets me in the right mood again. The Color Shine is really an icebreaker for me. I think it’s great.

I find inspiration in all sorts of junk, here represented by a bottle cap. Tissue tape and bling also get me going.

Being born on the countryside, nature is a huge inspiration to me. mb_centreLove and above all Joel is of course inspirational ponds. So is our adventures that has taken us over the globe through the years.mb4More bling, more metal. That daisy paper is to die for, pure love. I want to create cards every time I see it.

I have created a little tag pad with quotes… The birdcage is a mirror. It’s about challenging yourself and how I work in general. So when I look at the tag pad I see myself and the quotes that represents me. I’m basically a doer and not much of a dreamer. I’m not going to show you all the quotes this time but here are a few examples.mb_tag1 mb_tagmb3aLike I said, paints, mists and textures gets me going. Here in combo with a beautiful painted chippie chandelier. I’ve also used some Inka Gold wax on it. The little heart decoration represents all those shabby beautiful things I like. Pearls, pearls and pearls. Yes, I do use it pretty much everywhere so I thought it would look weird if they were not here. mb3bI felt very early that no matter what I did I never quite fit in… It took me many years to figure out that I might as well do whatever I want since I will never fit in anyways. So these days I have absolutely no desire what so ever to be like everybody else. On the contrary…

On the backside I have written down my favourite poem by August Strindberg. It’s about how it is to turn yourself inside out as an artist. I am not going to ruin it by making a poor translation of it, I’ll just write it down for those of you who understands Swedish to enjoy…

Vid avenue de Neuilly
där ligger ett slakteri,
och när jag går till staden,
jag går där alltid förbi.

Det stora öppna fönstret
det lyser av blod så rött,
på vita marmorskivor
där ryker nyslaktat kött.

I dag där hängde på glasdörrn
ett hjärta, jag tror av kalv,
som svept i gauffrerat papper
jag tyckte i kölden skalv.

Då gingo hastiga tankar
till gamla Norrbro-Bazarn,
där lysande fönsterraden
beskådas av kvinnor och barn.

Där hänger på boklådsfönstret
en tunnklädd liten bok.
Det är ett urtaget hjärta
som dinglar där på sin krok.

So please try to create your very own Mood Board. You can find everything you need hereJenny

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