Favourites from 2012 – all the fun stuff!

I can’t say that everything in this section is altered. And I don’t like to use the meaningless “other” either. So instead I’m referring to it as all the fun stuff. All the creations that I’ve made that are not layouts or cards that is. So here are my favourites from 2012.

A gift for you
My wonderful mother in law bought me some flowers and made me homemade chocolates and gave them to me in a beautiful hexagonal jar. This during a time when I had no energy whatsoever to make any Christmas preparations at all. I altered the jar for her and gave it back in January. This jar is very personal to me since the circumstances during that time period were quite special. I really appreciate what she did for me during that Christmas. She gave me space when I needed it and supported me when I needed her help.

Chocolate cone
I made this chocolate cone for hubby’s birthday in January. I have used one of my favourite Maja collections, Life In The Country. I often use Maja Design papers for altering and other creations since they are so sturdy.

I am no winter person whatsoever. I’m more like a cat that lies in front of the fireplace and waits for it to end. We’ve had a couple of bad winters the past years and one day in January I felt that I’ve had it so I made this mini-album about it. I had saved these gorgeous Bo Bunny papers for a long time. I wanted to make something special with them. Take a look at the original posting to see all the pages inside.

My Summer Memories 
When the spring began to show itself I dreamed my way back to my childhood memories on the countryside. The Maja Design Life In The Country collection is like it’s made for me. I feel my memories in every single paper and I just love it. I had to create something out of it and this is what I came up with. All pages are shown on the original posting.

Easter eggs
Me and a friend got together to create some easter eggs. I made mine bit shabby, not so perfect, using Pion Design papers. They turned out quite nice I think.

My blueberry book
I made this little album as a tribute to blueberries. I absolutely love blueberries so I found it appropriate. I have used the Ska Vi Ta En Fika collection by Maja Design.

I had a giveaway on my blog where you could win the Vintage Summer Basics collection. I thought I’d make the winner announcement a bit more fun so I created this box where I put the names of the participants. I filmed the announcement and put it out on Youtube.
I made this flower basket, using the Vintage Summer Basics collection, for Mother’s Day.

Calendar for my in-laws
I made this calendar for my in-laws, I think it turned out quite nice.

Box with Christmas carols
I took an old box and made it into a box with Christmas carols in it. The songs are in a two ring binder and can be taken out when needed to. Practical and quite nice.

Some mornings you just know… it’s going to be a two cup day
I made this little coffee tray for Marie (founder and designer at Maja Design) when she worked day and night with the Walking In The Forest collection. I filled up the two cups with coffee beans. The Ska Vi Ta En Fika collection was an obvious choice.

Castle for Anton
My best friend since 20 years back gave birth to a son in August. I made him this castle using the Vintage Summer Basics collection. No cardstock for support. That really shows how sturdy Maja papers are.

A little bird told me…

I have a thing for funny cocky quotes. I thought I’d gather some of them in a little mini-album and came up with this one. Made with the Vintage Summer Basics collection.
Well, I guess that’s it. You can find more of my “fun stuff” in the other section. 😉
Happy new year!
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