IKEA bathroom storage…

Hello ladies
First of all I want to thank you all for the great response I´ve had. I´m still pinching my arm. I´ve never started a blog just because I was convinced nobody would read it. Your sweet comments make me warm.

Today I´m going to reveal another little IKEA storage treat. How about having an entire cabinet filled up with pull-out trays that gives you a good overview of your supplies? “Yeah right”, you might be thinking.

Then I suggest you take a closer look at the ANORDNA series from IKEA. It´s made for bathrooms to keep your lipsticks (pens?), eye shadows (distress powders?) and other hygiene articles in place. They are fitting the LILLANGEN bathroom series, so you can basically buy a cabinet and fill it up with these beauties. Of course you can add shelves for your boxes, cuttlebug or other bulky items.

Take a look at this and think about it in the “scrapbooking way”:

See what I mean?
They come in different sizes and models, in sets of two or three. Here are some examples:

Have a great weekend!


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