You can really feel spring is in the air. The birds are singing from the top of their lungs while the trees are stretching their branches towards the sun. I grew up on a farm and there’s nothing like the smell of a newly plowed field. That really is spring to me…

I created a mini-album over parts of our trip to the midwest US a couple of years ago. usa1I have used the Bo Bunny Et Cetera collection for it. Flowers and leaves on the first page are from Petaloo and Prima. Bling from a LSS, birdcage from a friend of mine. I’ve used some Walking In The Forest papers in the background since I didn’t have any 12×12 Et Cetera papers. I think they work pretty well… :)usa2Here’s the first spread. You can see the photo from the first page since it has a circular hole in it. The photo was taken by Little Bighorn. Flowers by Prima.usa3More photos from Little Bighorn. Chippies are from Et Cetera. Flowers by Prima and Petaloo. Ribbon from Webster’s Pages.usa4We found this deer by Mount Rushmore that was grazing, totally unaffected by all the people running around. usa5Here are some photos of Deadwood. Don’t know if you’ve seen the tv show about this insane town. I sat with my jar down on my knees through the first episode. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that many curses in 50 minutes in my entire life! But you get used to it. Ha ha. It was very beautiful situated, hidden among the mountains.usa6We drove through such wonderful landscapes on our way to Glacier National Park in Montana. The views were amazing. We crossed seven states and drove more or less exactly 6000km during that vacation. And probably visited 20 Michaels and JoAnn’s. :)

I’m hoping to finish my Mood Board April project tomorrow. So stay tuned. The new Mood Board will be revealed on Saturday. I hope you haven’t missed that you can become one of our guests of honour by entering the Mood Board.Jenny

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