More CHA…

We got busy doing other work so we never made it to the show during Sunday. But on Monday morning we were back again.

It’s hard to step inside when it’s such a blue sky when you know that snow is waiting for you back home.

What could be a better start of the day then sneaking up behind Tim Holtz? :)

The idea-ology booth. So fantastic.

How can you not love Graphic 45?

 We saw so many fantastic creations made by so many talented artists…

Marie went looking for books at Barnes and Nobles after seeing this…

We found this pastel garden party booth that was absolutely gorgeous. Lawns and everything…

Marie’s fixing up our last sample books.

This is my first time to the US where I haven’t really suffered from jetlag. A couple of hours Friday morning, that’s it. I’ve been working from five in the morning until midnight every day but Friday, so I guess that must be the recipe. Hard work and you sleep like a baby. :)

Tonight we are going home, leaving LA. It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve learned a lot.

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