Storage tip- IKEA Helmer with Antonius inserts

As you probably know IKEA has got tons of products you can use for storage. I don´t know how many times I´ve visited that place and measured up all possible furniture I can think of. Anything might fit my scraproom to be. If anyone is wondering about inner measurements or some other measurement you can´t read in the catalogue or online, give me a comment. I might have it for you in my notes.

One of my absolute best storage solutions I´ve got is the HELMER drawer units. I´m embarrassed to say it, I´ve got EIGHT drawer units. But. That gives me 48 drawers that I can label so I can easily find everything.

What many people don´t know is that the Antonius basket insert, intended for laundry rooms, fits the Helmer drawers.

Here are a few examples of my drawers with inserts:

Four drawer units together. Doesn´t look bad either.

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14 thoughts on “Storage tip- IKEA Helmer with Antonius inserts

  1. Sue Down

    I love IKEA! I use their cubicle shelves and CD stack :) would love to be more organised. I even found their wall shelving for Nursies looks fab on the wall, can’t go past white! I’m a follower too now.

  2. Joanna

    What a vision you have to be able to plan out what I consider to be the PERFECT set-up. I would love to have a place like that for myself! Enjoy…you are truly blessed to have such a great space!

  3. Pearlyxc

    I was so happy to find your blog because I purchased the HELMER storage units to DIY desks for my boys. I was looking for inserts and I found your blog! I purchased the ANTONIUS inserts, but for some reason, they don’t fit in the drawers :/ Did you do anything different from the instructions to make the inserts fit? When I was able to squeeze the ANTONIUS insert into the HELMER drawer, the drawer wouldn’t fit on the track. Ack! Any suggestions??

    1. Yazarhet Contreras

      I am on the same boat. They do not fit !!!!!!!!! Just bought 18 antonius organizers to find out they are wider than the drawer. I would suggest to cut the borders of the long side like I did with one organizer. That is the only way I got it to fit in the drawer. Follow the marked lines


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